VHow to Run Interactive CD ?

         1. Lotus Complete Set Nursery , Lkg, Ukg

            Step 1 :   Insert CD.

            Step 2 :   Double Click On Start.Swf file to Run Content.

            Step 3 :   In Your System If Flash Player Is Not Installed You Cannot Run The Content. In That Case Please                            Follow The Below Steps.

                           1.Download "flashplayer.exe" From Internet. Otherwise Click Here to Download It.

                           2.Copy The "flashplayer.exe" Into Your System. Double Click On It.

                           3.One Window Will Open.

                           4. In That Window Drag And Drop The Start.Swf File (or) Goto File Menu . Open The CD , Select                               "Start.Swf" File.

            Note:   If You Have Any Doubts Please Contact 0866-6616946

         2. CD Type II :

              It contains setup.exe to install and Run.

            Step 1 :   Insert cd, Open it. Double click on setup.exe file to install the software.

            Step 2 :   Aftet the installation is completed, shortcut icon will be created in the desktop.

            Step 3 :   Make sure that in your System Adobe Flash Player 9 or above versions is installed. If not,

                           click here install_flashplayer to download it.

            Step 4 :   After you have download the flash player, installed it in your system.

            Step 5 :   Goto desktop and then click on the icon to run the cd.

            Note :   Must and should you have to insert the cd in the drive to run the content of that particular cd.

         3. CD Type III :

             It contains intro.swf file to start.

            Step 1 :   Insert cd, Open it. Double click on flashplayer_9.exe

            Step 2 :   After the Adobe flahs player_9 will open. (If already installed it,please ignore this step2)

            Step 3 :   After that drag and drop the intro.swf file into it.

                           Now skip the instruction by click on the skip instruction button.

            Step 4 :   After you have click on the launcher button.

            Step 5 :   Then you can see the chapter.

            Note :      For more clarification, click on below links.

                           --> Screen shot

                           --> Video