About Our CEO

Mr. Ravikrindi Srinivas Vikram is the C.E.O. of Vikram Group, aged 35, who has completed B.Sc (Hons) & M.B.A. by studying at University of Wales, Newport, South Wales, United Kingdom.Vikram quit his international corporate career in U.K to pursue his passion in education and wants to promote the aims of his father, the founder of Vikram Publishers (P) Ltd, Sri Ravikrindi Ramaswamy by following his foot-prints. He has been being in the Chief Executive Officer Position since 2003.

Mr. Vikram, personally led the creation of the program from scratch, and continues to be deeply involved in the R&D and learning-teaching aspects and focused on innovation, global expansion, and partnerships. He is a Marathon runner, participated in number of running events across India. He teaches for MBA graduates as a guest lecturer too. He is a practical man with high patience.

Mr. Vikram has led the transformation of Vikram Publishers from a traditional print publishing company which used to be focused only on Intermediate and Under graduate publishing to a dynamic print and digital publisher with in a short period of his management career. He has developed education books and New Titles, from KG to PG books and also incorporated General Educational Titles like career guidance Books and Dictionaries. He revised the First English -Telugu Dictionary of Sankarnarayan which was first published in 1951 into the modern International Sankarnaryan Dictionary and it has been awarded as Reader’s Best Choice. Introduced Digital Education for School-books, children education apps, Number of Award winning Mobile Apps in name of Vikram Apps and available in Google and Apple stores. Vikram products spread it’s wings to other states of India also such as Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Maharastra under the persistent leadership of Mr. Vikram.

Finding, capturing and encouraging the talent has become his intuition, as a result,trust-worthy books have been being produced.

Treating the Publication sector as vital social responsible source, Mr.Vikram has given importance to quality rather to profits. In acknowledgement, National Education &Human Resource development Organization has praised with `RASHTRIYA UDYOG RATNA AWARD’. He actively has been doing social services for Better education to Govt Schools, donated educational materials and Commissioner of Vijayawada awarded for active participation in Traffic awareness program.

Conducted city wise Teacher Training Seminars in major cities of Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Tamilnadu states for enhancing teaching skills.

It is not exaggeration if announce that all education based inventions, introductions and unleashes in entire South, now a days, are through VIKRAM PUBLISHERS only, Directly 400+ employees working under his leadership and indirectly more than 600+ employees depend on his group.

Mr. Vikram – He takes personal care of each and all section jobs of the Organization.