Donating blood is a minimum social responsibility. It’s not only a virtue, but also strengthens the donator physically and psychologically. The following advantages of donating blood are scientifically proved. All the blood cells that are lost will be produced in 48 hours. This indirectly stimulates the nerves system and good for health. Regular donation of blood reduces the risk of heart-attack by 88%. Fresh and purified blood replaces the existing which enhances resistance power. Above to all the donator gets high-worth of satisfaction that he/has fulfilled the purpose of human birth. Aware of all these facts, our Vikram Publishers Pvt. Ltd., which is a unique enthusiasistic participant in social responsibility, has responded to the call of `Mega Blood Donation Drive’ conducted by Chiranjeevi Blood Bank in Vijayawada on 2nd October 2013 on eve of Gandhi Jayanthi.

The C.E.O. of Vikram Group of Publication mr. Ravikrindi Srinivas Vikram has stood fore-runner to his staff-members by donating his blood, first. With his inspiration many of Vikram staff members including ladies have donated their blood in feel of social responsibility. These appreciable moments are witnessed by cameras and these photographs are presented here for your inspiration.